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******************************* EUROPEAN SWAPPERS ONLY******************************************

This is a groups dedicated to packages , because it costs a lot of money to ship packages over sea I thought I'd make a group for package pals in Europe .

If you want a package pal just fil out the form below , please be carefull who you send packages to do not post your adress directly with your post , e-mail the person for details on your package friendship with them .
Most packages go around the price of 15 euro's but again this is up to you and your package pal .

Name :
Age :
Location :
E-mail :

Do you collect anything :
Favorite colors :
Favorite candy :
Favorite food :
What would you like to receive :
what would you like to send :
things you hate :
favorite music / bands :
movies :
books :

anything else you want to ad :

If you have any problems with your package pals or just random questions you are welcome to e-mail me (isis_anyanka@hotmail.com)

If you cant find a package pal e-mail me and I will see if I can pair you up with someone .

I hope everybody will have fun exchanging packages and that this community doesn't' turn out to be one of those death ones .