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Thursday, May 13th, 2010
1:17 pm
Name : kelly kaos
Age : 27
Location : birmingham uk england
E-mail : ask me for it

Do you collect anything : lockets and 20s-50s cute things, other than that i like stationary and other little bits and bobs
Favorite colors : pink and green
Favorite candy : i love all sweets :P
Favorite food : i love cooking so this is constantly changing...atm id say soul food
What would you like to receive : anything reall;y this will be my first time doing packages so may need a little guidance but im up for whatever you thing is appropriate its not just about me but you too :) im very into art and creative things and learning about different cultures.
what would you like to send : ill try and send you things you asked for or i think you may like by what i get to know about you things you hate, little things that are cute and fun, trinkets from here umm recipies anything really.
what do you hate: ignorance and rude people
favorite music / bands : red hot chili peppers,him,ennio morricone,zeromancer,hypnogaya.etc.
movies : spun,trainpotting,leon,evil dead, troma, old gangster flicks, bad horror and zombies but then classics like green mile etc
books : ,poppy z brite,palaniuk.iaan banks,king umm loads

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, June 25th, 2009
6:27 am
a bit of a random request
Hello All!!

just a quick message, being unsure if i will even be allowed to post this here.

I am writing you with a rather odd request, but a request that I hope you take seriously and didn’t just ignore as soon as you have read this sentence. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read this and perhaps help me out.

I am an avid collector, as I suspect many of you might be as well. We all have out little foibles that make us special and unique and mine is that I collect a very specific and special thing.

I collect lists of things that people like. In the last three years I have accumulated over 360 lists and would like to endeavour to obtain more…

this is where YOU come in. I would love to have your list. It can be as long or as short as you would like and can involve photographs or drawings or anything else that makes it special to you. Not only do I want your list though, I want lists of anyone you can weasel one out of… co-workers, family members, enemies, anybody. I’ll take as many as you can fit into an envelope. I would love to have lists from people of any age group, so if you know of a youngster that just loves everything, get them to draw me a picture or do whatever they can!

and don't feel like you have to be selfish with this email, go ahead and send it on to people and see if they will send me a list or two as well. go on! forward this like one of those chain emails!

My plans for the lists will be to one day accumulate them into a book and an art exhibition, but please do not fret or worry about what you put on the list. I have read about the raciest lists you can imagine and it would be amazing to allow other people to see that perhaps they are not alone in loving something bizarre or embarrassing.

Please feel free to put your name on the list if you so wish and include your contact details (separately) if you would like to be notified of receipt or action with your list. also, the address to send your list (s) to can be obtained simply by asking me...

Thanks a lot… I really hope you got through this with as little trouble as possible. Hope to hear from you soon.
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
1:37 pm
a return... and apologies
heya guys, i posted here ages ago and and i got LOADS of brilliant pen pals but i had a bir of freakout and i am here to let you know that I am alive, not dead.

I am really sorry that I have just not replied or anything lately. I have been a massive trainwreck the last couple of months and have just needed to go into ‘hermit mode.’

please read, but don't let this frighten youCollapse )

so i think it would be best if we just start again.

name danie, dan, mrs. butcher.
age/dob/sign i'm 24, birthday is 14th of November and i am a Scorpio.
gender Female.
work/school i work in a mental asylum in the middle of England... which is quite funny given my circumstances. my office is in the records management department where i am in charge of all the patient's records across the county. i make sure they are all where they need to be at all times.
location Derby, England.
e-mail uwpunkelastic@gmail.com
main interests as a rule, i love EVERTYTHING! at the top of my list though, there are things like reading, baking, working, drawing, crochetting, sewing, taking photos, watching films, collecting things.
described as i am going to say that the phrase used most to describe me is 'loose cannon'
music i can honestly say that i genuinely love ALL music ALL the time. favourites are the magnetic fields, gogol bordello, new found glory, reba, britney spears, me first and the gimmie gimmies, andrew jackson jihad and bright eyes.
movies oh my sweet lord. i am fanatic about zombie films. complete out of control crazy about them! i love war films, some musicals and things that make you jump. i hate to admit it, but i am also QUITE fond of those really cheezy american girly comedies, things like Good Luck Chuck and Mean Girls.
books/authours i am really into zombie BOOKS at the moment too. right now i am sinking my teeth (haha! get it!) into the monster trilogy (Monster Island, Monster Nation and Monster Planet) which are keeping me busy and pleased. i LOVE augusten burroughs, chuck palahniuk and henry rollins... my favourite book of all time would have to be The Book Thief though, if you haven't read it, for god's sake, go read it now!
art/artists hmmm... a lot of my favourite artists are my friends. i have an undying love for anyone who can create incredible things out of wool or fabric though.
other random favorite people/things/places i love so many things. poland, cakes, beautiful cooking, raspberry hot chocolate, photos, koosh balls, lists, getting tattoos... i could ACTUALLY go on forever.
collect i collect business cards and lists (there is much more of an explanation to this than i have the room to put on here).
specifically seeking anything humans...
prefer long, medium or short letters? anything really. i can't expect that there is a person out there who ALWAYS writes 20-page letters... sometimes it is nice just to have a wee snippet of a letter just saying how they are doing with a photo or something.
how many pen pals do you want? i'm easy. as many as want to write.
do you trade fbs/decos/slams/atc cards? i will trade anything anyone wants to trade.
international or local penpals? i like a bit of both.
anything else? nah, check out my journal and pop me a line if you want to write me!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
4:47 pm
Name:  Laura Beatrice
Age: 17... But I'll be 18 on the 1st October, I'm very excited!
Location:  Bologna; Italy.
E-mail:  stargirl90@live.it (I've got MSN Messenger ^-*)

Do you collect anything: Oh, I love everything cute, pink and girly! Like Q-Lia, Crux, Hello Kitty, San X... but here in Italy are very difficult to find... well, let's say impossible! I collect stickers and stationery.
Favorite colors: Pink, grey, black... and all pastel and delicate colors.
Favorite candy: Oooh, candies! xD I don't like chocolate very much, but colorful candies and marshmellows! Kit-Kats; snacks... everything! <3 But I don't like Opky very much.
Favorite food: I love chips more than all, and of course my contry's food :) But I like to experiment, when I can: I like asian food very much.
What would you like to receive: I'd like to receive everything kawaii, cute stationery, little candies, and more than all foreign fashion magazines!
What would you like to send: I can send Italian fashion magazines (brand new and a bit old; I've got tons of magazines! 'Cause I love fashion and haute couture); candies, stickers and accessories... and everything cute.
Things you hate: Mmmh... yellow and green and everything emo xD
Favorite music / bands: Weezer; Fountains of Wayne; Beck <3; Rivers Cuomo; Buddy Holly; J-Pop; Foo Fighters, and a lot of soudtracks!
Books: I love reading more than all. LOTR; Nabokov; Genea; history books; DFW; a lot of comics; 

Anything else you want to add: Mmmh... well, just email me! xD

Current Mood: dirty
Sunday, August 31st, 2008
4:20 pm

Name :
Sirja (online Shaluna or Shalunamus)

Age : 22 (bday 13 th Dec)

Location : Vantaa, Finland

E-mail : shaluna@hellokitty.com

Do you collect anything : Hello Kitty (and other Sanrio & kawaii things), faeries and hedgehog -stuff, bookmarks, phonecharms, nice postcards, cute stationary

Favorite colors : hot pink and rainbow :)

Favorite candy : chocolate and anything without gelatine!

Favorite food : indian and chinese vegetarian food

What would you like to receive : Hello Kitty, hedgehog, Dixie Chicks and faerie stuff, used stamps, beads, trinkets, plushies,

what would you like to send : almost anything, nothing very heavy or expensive

things you hate : pirated cds and dvds, fur, leather, meat

Fave music:

Scandinavian Music Group, Ultra Bra, Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, Rammstein, Fiona Apple, Maija Vilkkumaa, Indica, Alanis Morisette, Lisa Loeb, Green Day, Varaque, Don Huonot, Tarharyhmä, Apulanta, Dolly Parton, Stina Nordenstam, Beatles, Joan Baez, A Camp, The Cranberries, movie soundtracks, PMMP, Inkubus Sukkubus, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Do As Infinity, t.A.T.u., Charlotte Church, Dido, Ayumi Hamasaki, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Rammstein, Zen Café

Fave movies & tv:
    When night is falling, Girl Interrupted, Fun, Heavenly Creatures, Mean Girls, Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Man who cried, American History X, LotR, Freeway 2, But I'm a cheerleader, Holy smoke, Harry Potter, Tonari no Totori, Fucking Åmål, Help!, Iron jawed angels, Tim Burton, Marie Antoinette, The Nanny Diaries, Kill Bill 1 & 2
    L-Word, Bad Girls, Coupling, Alias, Strawberry Panic, Lost, OC, Nikki, Titus, Reba, Friends, Will & Grace, AbFab, Dharma & Greg

Fave books:
    Marya Hornbacher: Wasted, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones, Sylvia Plath, Anne Rice, LotR, The Hobbit, Franz Kafka, Anni Sinnemäki, Branded - The Buying and Selling of Teenagers, Anna-Leena Härkönen, Jacqueline Wilson, Gossip Girl, Aa! Megami-sama, Chobits, Dilbert, Tokyo MewMew, Spiral Dance, Nemi, Torey Hayden

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
1:36 am
Name :  clare
Age : 20
Location :  herefordshire/derby uk
E-mail :alienated_idiot@hotmail.com

Do you collect anything : sweets hello kitty i have a HUGE collection cds vinyls stickers kawaii paper jewelry anything cute

Favorite colors : i dont mind but NOT YELLOW!

Favorite candy : japanese candy but id be interested in international candy to try

Favorite food : italian greek hmmm those are my favourites

What would you like to receive : anything but porn lol^

What would you like to send : anything the receiver might like that i can get ahold of

Things you hate : wrists i have a HUGE phobia ignorant people who judge me and dont even know me

Favorite music / bands : hardcore but i like accoustic/folk to

Movies : japanese/korean horror japanse/chinese action films based on true events cheesey comedy

Books : horror and romance and anthing i like the sound of

Anything else you want to ad : errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if anyone had any piercings or tattoos that would be cool to talk about as i have a few of my own
Monday, July 28th, 2008
2:08 pm
Cupcake paper swap?

This might be a bit weird, but anyone interested in a Cupcake paper swap? I love to bake and there are so many cute cupcake papers out there, just not in Denmark. Anyone interested? If you don't want cupcake papers in return, we can arrange something else:D

Sunday, July 20th, 2008
9:38 pm
New Goodies at Tizzalicious! Now also at DaWanda!
My lovely friend princesslia84, owner of this group, told me I could post the ad for my shop here, so here I am! :) Thank you, Lianne! ♥

:: Tizzalicious.com :: Etsy :: Dawanda ::

:: Tizzalicious.com :: Etsy :: Dawanda ::

From now on you can also find our Tizzalicious Goodies at Dawanda, a market place for handmade items based in Europe. Prices on DaWanda or in Euro's, so if you're from Europe and you prefer shopping in your own currency, please stop by!

We now also have Gift Cards!
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
10:15 pm
Name : Anna
Age : 22
Location :  Hölö (a small town south of Stockholm), Sweden
E-mail : marius4president@live.se

Do you collect anything : Books, manga, incense, Japanese music magazines, earrings, the GazettE stuff. That's all I can think of at the moment.
Favorite colors : black, red, green, dark blue, purple, brown.
Favorite candy : Pocky (I'm addicted), chocolate, skittles, m&m's.
Favorite food : Anything. I'm not that picky but I love asian food and any kind of snacks.
What would you like to receive : Forreign candy or snacks of any kind, cellphone jewelry, cute stationary, anything with butterflies because I love them so much. It's really up to you as long as it's not terribly expensive.
what would you like to send : Swedish candy or just about anything I can get a hold of.
things you hate : hompohobia, racism, lies or just dishonest people in general, when people make fun of me and my hobbies.
favorite music / bands : the GazettE, Miyavi, Dir en grey, Ayabie, Kra, Garbage, Depeche Mode, Moby, Oasis, Keane, Koop, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Guns n' Roses, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson.
movies : The Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta, Bowling for Columbine, Farenheit 9/11, Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
books : Harry Potter, anything by Douglas Coupland or William Gibson, biographies, cyberpunk, science fiction.
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
11:38 am
Name : Lianne or Lola

Age : 24

Location : Lewes, East Sussex, England

E-mail : samhainsuzie@yahoo.co.uk or liannewoolley@aol.com

Do you collect anything : anything gothy, pagan symbols, candles, incense, essential oils, herbal & exotic teas, knee high stripy socks, hair grips and slides, funky beaded bracelets, chokers, harry potter, cosmetics, foreign music and fashion magazines, deco supplies, stationary, pens, pencils, badges, mix cds and tapes,posters, discworld, pretty earrings , emily the strange, ruby gloom, sanrio, pucca & lots more

Favorite colors : red, black, green, silver, purple

Favorite candy : Duplo (my nan got me some when she went to germany on holiday and I love love love them), cookies, anything reeces, low sugar boiled sweets, pear drops, aniseed balls

Favorite food : Chinese

What would you like to receive : any of those things I collect... Really anything, it's always a huuuuuuge suprise to recieve anything in the post

what would you like to send : Anything to make a package-pal happy :)

things you hate : Racism, Homophobia, elitism, bullying

favorite music / bands : The Smiths, The Libertines, The Editors, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Babyshambles, Paolo Nuitini, Mando Diao, Radiohead, Helen Love, Dirty Pretty Things, Deine Lakaien, The Offspring, Kenickie, The Dresden Dolls, Patrick Wolf, The Postal Service, Hefner, Nixon, Pulp, Les Incompetents, The Zombies, Arctic Monkeys, Manic Street Preachers, Ash, Placebo, System Of A Down and more

movies : Harry Potter, Chocolat, Amelie, LOTR, Dogma, Bowling For Columbine, Chasing Amy, Clerks, Bridget Jones's Diary, Blood: The Last Vampire, Girl; Interrupted, The Ring Trilogy, 200 Cigarettes, Deathrace 2000, Labyrinth, Drive Me Crazy, Pretty In Pink, Velvet Goldmine, But I'm A Cheerleader

books : Harry Potter, Discworld, LOTR, Manga Comics, Newspapers, Classical Literature
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
7:17 am
looking for swap partnet AND penpal!!
heya there! i saw this community advertised in another swapping community and thought 'OMG! i heartz swapping!' so please, read below and if it delights you, drop me a line and we can totally start swapping and writing, yo!

-Name: Danie Butcher
-E-mail (optional): uwpunkelastic@gmail.com
-Age: 23
-Country: United Kingdom

-Main interests: music, art, history, socks, england, love, anatomy, grape popsicles, buisness cards, sculpting, culture, making things better, pleasent smells, smiling, feeling, being passionate about things, watching, glittery things, dreaming, wishing, cartoons, stars, rubber bands, sleeping, prancing about, long walks, random splendidness, cranberry juice, body modification, crochetting, Amigurumi, vintage porn, pink wafer biscuts, beliving, making music, toast, glasses, guinea pigs, puppies, jumpers, ice cream, kingdom of loathing, antiques, shoes, Disabled people, death, crime scene photographs, pooing, glitter, working, learning about horrible things (ie, feral children, odd sexual fetishes, etc...), lists, Poland, 50's fashion

-Favorite music: i literally love all music. i know a lot of people say they do, but i REALLY do. i love country, jazz, rap, metal, folk, pop, punk... all of it. at the moment i am EXTREMELY into ukranian folkpunk. some stuff i like? all music really. i am mental for gogol bordello and am mildly fond of the rest, who i shall name in no particular order... suicide machines, me first &; the gimmie gimmies, pulp, bright eyes, halfway home, elvis, new found glory, the eels, bearsuit, the shins, choking victim, etta james, frank sinatra, the zombies, mindless self indulgence, nofx, rick springfield, the pendulums, concertina turner, reba mcentyre, dolly parton, kate bush, rick springfield, elk st, lester norton, the vibrators, the john carpenters, aerosmith, brakes, four tet, the kooks, the flaming lips, jeans team, percy sledge, moustache, Duo Sonic, Hot Rocket Trio, Hell Death Fury, Lemar, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, buckcherry, concertina turner, fixit kid, elk street, mr powers, hurrah torpedo, Yellowcard, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Katie Melua, scouting for girls, magnetic fields.

-Favorite books: i love henry rollins &; chuck palahniuk. invisible monsters is one of my favourites! i love the authors wally lamb, patricia cornwell &; terry pratchett. At the moment i am a slut for any True Crime books. Fred and Rose, comrade chikatilo, cellar of horrors. Other books I love are as follows; the reader, perks of being a wallflower, white oleander, the dictionary, shadow baby, grey's anatomy, the great gatsby, lord of the flies, trainspotting, smack, the last time i wore a dress, choke, the owner's manual for the brain, oryx and crake, a million little pieces, the book thief, toast

-Favorite movies: i am nuts for all zombie films... REC is my current favourite. Black Cat White Cat, Body Melt, rainman, black hawk down, shrek, se7en, fight club, hedwig and the angry inch, amelie, dream life of angels, emperor's new groove, lilo and stitch, dirty dancing, requiem for a dream, the life of david gale, braindead, moulin rouge, dawn of the dead, eternal sunshine, napolean dynamite, vera drake, the hand that rocks the cradle, student bodies, twelve monkeys, the sunrise, everything is illuminated, butterfly effect, jacob's ladder, attack of the schoolgirl zombies, blue velvet, saw, cabin in the sky, v for vendetta, gladiator, Dolls, Being John Malkovich, Leon, Wedding Crashers, 28 Days Later

[How to contact you] comment here or email [uwpunkelastic@gmail.com] or myspace:

Penpal Questions

How long have you been penpalling?
not a giant amount of time. i pen'd for about three years a while ago and have stopped since i moved to england, now i wanna start again.

How many penpals do you have?
i have a few acquaintances, nothing TOO serious.

How many do you want?
As many as possible

How long are your letters?
they can be long or short.

Do you type or handwrite?
all by hand baby!

Do you like sending gifts with your letters?
more than anything! i like little trinkets and treats, and reckon other people might also.

Usually, how long does it take for you to reply to a letter?
depends on the day and what i have going on. no more than two weeks.

-Describe your ideal penpal: a human... preferrably someone who writes from time to time.

-What age do you want them to be? any age. i am easy.

-What sex do you want them to be? any sex, but i'm not THAT easy!

-Snail mail, e-mail pals, or both? hmmm... both but i would be MOST keen on snail mail. it would be nice to be able to perhaps participate in both if the whim struck us.

-How long letter will you write? it depends on the day. i cannae really stick myself to 7 and a half pages everytime because sometimes i might do more and sometimes less.

-What country do you want them to be from? any country at all.
Monday, July 7th, 2008
5:23 pm
Hi all, it's your local friendly lurker mod here.

Sorry we've been a bit quiet, in my defence I've been homeless and had no internet, but I'm almost back and somewhat sorted, so I thought I'd celebrate by organising a swap if everyone or anyone is interested?

Shoebox swap:

Get a shoebox and fill it with goodies from your swap-partner's post (I'll try and link everyone's post when I post the swaplist)

Lets say 3 weeks to sign up, and everything to be sent out by the first of september.

Hope everyone's interested xxx
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
12:50 pm
Name :  Tom
Age : 20
Location : Nottingham, UK :D
E-mail : gamma_romeo@hotmail.co.uk

Do you collect anything : Foreign language books, 'The Little Prince' in lots of languages :-)
Favorite colors : Green
Favorite candy : Bars of chocolate, or apple laces
Favorite food : Pommes Dauphinoise
What would you like to receive : School textbooks from your country [[I know thats odd]], 'The Little Prince' and 'Harry Potter' in your language, anything else you would like to swap :-)
what would you like to send : Anything British that people specifically want, anything I think the other swapper might like
things you hate : clowns and monkeys
favorite music / bands : Basement Jaxx, Junkie XL, The Prodigy, Zero7, El Perro del Mar
movies : Not a big movie person, but I like House of Flying Daggers, Lock Stock, L'Auberge Espagnole, Les Choristes
books : The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Little Prince, Snow, The Bastard of Istanbul.

Sorry if that got a bit repetetive :-) I look forward to swapping with you.
Friday, January 11th, 2008
8:24 pm
New try.
Name : Kristin
Age : 19
Location : Bergen, Norway
E-mail : lady_kri@hotmail.om

Do you collect anything : accessories, action figures, address labels, anything gothic, anything Roman Dirge/Lenore things, army things, baby clothes, bagdes, band t-shirts, beads, bookmarks, books, buttons, candles, CD's, chocolate, chokers, coffee, comics, communist things, dream catchers, DVD's, Emily the strange stuff, essential oils, eyeliner, fingerless gloves, flags from different countries, folklore things, frigde magnets, gel pens, goggles, guitarpicks, hair dye, hello kitty stuff, horror movies, insence, international candy, Japanese/Chinese stuff, jewellery, key rings, knee high stripy socks, living dead dolls ing dead dolls and dolls and dolls made on the same theme, make up, marionettes, movie/music/goth magazines, mugs, nailpolish, notebooks, pagan symbols, pieces of paper for collaging/art projects, pieces of pretty fabric, piercings, political t-shirts, porcelain dolls, postcards, posters, cooking recipes, samurai dramas, scarfes, shoelaces, shopping nets, shot glasses, skull things, soap, socks, stamps, stationary, stickers, teabags, teddy bears, things in other languages, yarn
Favorite colors : black and green
Favorite candy : milk chocolate
Favorite food : Chinese, Indian, Italian, vegetarian
What would you like to receive : things I collect
What would you like to send : Something from Norway perhaps or anything of interest (reasonable)
Things you hate : Ignorant people
Favorite music / bands : rock, metal, folk, celtic, goth
Movies : horror movies
Books : At the moment Beijing Doll by Chun Sue
Saturday, November 24th, 2007
1:37 pm
So the thing is I have WAY too much stationery!
I you want some I would love to do a swap and you can send me 1 or more of the following:

- a book
- chewing gum
- cute pens
- clothes for my daugther size 74, 6-9 months
- Anything pug related
- lesbian films
- mixed cd's
- candy
- DVD's
- Jelly Beans

Commet here with your e-mail addy and what you want to swap with and I'll get back to you:)
Saturday, October 13th, 2007
12:05 pm
I need foreign coins.
Any foreign coins I really don't mind.
I'd love some quarters/dimes/nickels. Or some euros. Or whereever else that has a different currency (i.e. not part of the EU/uk/america) I would love some :)
Not many, but they have to be in equal numbers. Like 2 quarters or 2 dimes or 2 euros. etc. And they can be the lowest value coin there is, Im not after value Im after looks :)
Oh and none from the UK because that's where I live :)

If you are interested please send me an email at cassandra2603@gmail.com

Thank you :)
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
8:41 pm
Hey :D
Name :  Cassie  
Age : 17
Location : Portsmouth, UK :D
E-mail : cassandra_2603@hotmail.co.uk

Do you collect anything : Nope, although I have suddenly got a thing for stickers xD
Favorite colors : Pink! Anything sparkly. I do like alot of colours as well though
Favorite candy : Woah.....Thats hard xD I like candy.
Favorite food : My dads pasta.
What would you like to receive : letter, keyring, stickers, a little bit of candy, a surprise xD I really don't mind :D
what would you like to send : Thats a surprise ;o Nah I don't know I just send stuff that I see and think is cute xd
things you hate : I dont really hate anything.
favorite music / bands : I like alot of stuff. Im open to most kinds of music, seriously my ipod is a weird mismatch of stuff xD
movies : Romeo and Juliet, Lotr, Hp, Baseketball, 10th kingdom, armageddon, Rocky horror picture show, hairspray, Fantastic Four, Blades of glory, Potc!! there are many many more.
books : Woah. Dan Brown, Matthew Reilly, JK Rowling (I met her!), tess gerritson, D.J Machale, rick riordan, Karin Slaughter, Shannon Hale, Cornelia Funke, Libba Bray, Also many more.

I love Harry Potter, and Pirates!! and fairies. :D

If you need anymore info then go to www.myspace.com/princesscassandra2 or my lj.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
8:39 pm

Is there anyone interested in doing a swap with me? Like a goodie package filled with stationery, stickers, candy and so on?:)
E-mail me at demonstar4@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
5:10 pm
Name: Mayo
Age: 19
Location: Helsinki, Finland
E-mail: dee.fen.uh.strey.shuhn@gmail.com

Do you collect anything: Anything related to Doctor Who, zombies, Katamari Damancy or the Pope. Magazines, army things, old things, strange things.
Favorite colors: Purple, neon colours.
Favorite candy: If it has sugar, I'll like it.
Favorite food: Vegetarian.
What would you like to receive: Stuff I collect, stuff you feel like sending. Cereals, comics, hand made things.. I just like getting stuff.
What would you like to send: What the receiever wants. :D
Things you hate: Pandas.
Favorite music / bands: Broder Daniel, Sufjan Stevens, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Kishidan, cali≠gari, Nine Inch Nails.
Movies: Peter Pan, Dead Man, Lawrence of Arabia, Rebel Without a Cause, zombie movies, westerns, musicals, animation, old movies.
Books: Dune, Howl's Moving Castle, anything by Ryu Murakami.
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
9:27 pm

Name : Sian
Age : 19
Location : South Wales, UK
E-mail : sleepingwiththestars@hotmail.com

Do you collect anything : interesting found items, comics, photographs, cameras, cute or antique tins and trinkets, cute or interesting jars and boxes, my friends fingerprints, antiquarian children books, things from my childhood, rusty things, old hardback books that smell musty
Favorite colors : brown, grey, white
Favorite candy : Hello panda! Cadbury
Favorite food : Anything with loads of flavour!
What would you like to receive : Found items, diaries, handmade items, found objects/letters/postcards or photographs, any cute trinkets etc, foreign items, sweets, vintage things.. anything! :)
what would you like to send : anything I can obtain from the UK, found items/objects/letters/postcards, diaries, My handmade sketchbooks or felt creatures and other things, jewellery, photographs
things you hate : Rude people
favorite music / bands : Architecture in Helsinki, Tilly and the Wall, Stephanie Dosen
movies : My neighbour totoro, Amelie, Bellville Rendezvous
books : The only girl in the car - kathy dobie, Go ask alice - anon, where rainbows end - cecelia ahern

Current Mood: cheerful
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